Welcome to the support page!

This page is dedicated to making contacting an admin fast and simple. Here on this page you can: email an admin directly, report bugs, appeal a ban, and report grief/spam.

In Order to help you in the best possible way we first need you to go over some rules.

Give us time
We are not getting paid to run this server. So we ask you to give our staff some time to reply to your report. If the report has not been responded to in 48 hours you can then resubmit a report.

If you fill out a ban appeal that is not guarantee that you will be unban. All ban appeals will be reviewed by our staff.

Grief/spam reports
Please dont fill out a grief/spam report unless you want us to investigate. If we find that it was a joke report we will punish the reporter.

We hope this helps to make things faster and easier on our server!